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    My name is CyaTheCreator, an oil painter based out of Denver, Colorado. My medium that I most like to work in is oils and painting. I am a creator at heart, so I also write and create public art installations. I have participated in festivals around Denver, as well as partnering with DU to create installations throughout the city.

    My creations are heavily influenced by music, pop-culture and the world around me. I look at the world for what it could be not what it is. When I create through this lens, I am intending to manifest that world into reality, as well as start conversations on how to make it a better place. In some of my creations, you can see thick and heavy applications of paint. The strokes of paint interact with the background and the foreground of the painting to connect them both. This is a symbol is of the past and the present working together to create something beautiful.


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Denver, Colorado

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